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The Last Chat of Nandan Mash

Muraleedharan (Monsoon Images)" mtharayil@gmail.com


T.K. Nandakumar


Oct 21, 2007 4:55 PM

Chat with Muraleedharan (Monsoon Images)


4:29 PM Muraleedharan: Nandakumaraaaa navaneetha choraaa

me: entha chornathu?

Muraleedharan: athu parayooooollla

so, happy vidyarambham

4:30 PM me: namukkum vidyayo? mmm

Muraleedharan: mazha engine?

me: kollaam

are you around or running around?

Muraleedharan: I am around, means?

4:31 PM me: around trichu, around college...

Muraleedharan: ayyo, this is coming to you from a chilly morning in chicago

me: My Gooooodddddd

when did you reach there?

4:32 PM Muraleedharan: one week.

me: yes, you had mentioned some such trip; how long is this chicago?

Muraleedharan: two more weeks

me: what will bring for me?

a madamma?

4:33 PM Muraleedharan: Abraham Lincoln?

me: poda kazhuthe

Muraleedharan: athu venda?

me: venda venda

Muraleedharan: what about the entire chicago school of criticism?

me: god forbid

4:34 PM Muraleedharan: pinne?

me: can you get a good video of king lear?

i will pay, of course

Muraleedharan: let me se

me: dont bother too much

4:35 PM if you can get it, tht is all

Muraleedharan: because I am staying put in the university, really have not yet gone to the city center

but I shall certainly try

me: what else is happening there

Muraleedharan: nothing much

the library is mine for two more weeks

I can do what I like in it

me: sleeping with white colonizers?

Muraleedharan: I gave three presentations to earn this privilege

4:36 PM me: you deserve it, no doubt

Muraleedharan: you will never think this is not in India. the library is full of Malayalam books

me: ayyeeee

Muraleedharan: this uty has the biggest south asia collection in the world

4:37 PM me: that is impressive

Muraleedharan: and also the b iggest south asia research interest

me: i see

4:38 PM Muraleedharan: Malayalam is being taught here, and Nisha, who does that is my host

4:39 PM me: oh, so you have our own people to keep track of your evil doings? bad, i pity you

Muraleedharan: yeah, one cannnot bluff

4:40 PM me: i did not mean that

Muraleedharan: there are white professors who speak chaste tamil and Hindi

what did u mean?

me: black tongue, white mask

Muraleedharan: oh

me: ah

4:41 PM here it is 4.45, what about there?

Muraleedharan: early morning, around 6

me: really difficult to believe though i know it is true

4:42 PM and chatting like this, as if we are in adjascent rooms

Muraleedharan: yeah. and you know, I do not even have a net connection

here it comes by wireless

4:43 PM me: oh oh oh......

Muraleedharan: and so I merely opened my lap top and saw that it got connected

me: wonders never cease

Muraleedharan: I am sure, we will have it in India within a year

it is wifi

me: i see

Muraleedharan: like the cell phone connection

4:44 PM me: i understand but i cannot believe really, that is all

Muraleedharan: well, in another year, you wil be doing it every day

because my friend in bsnl says they are soon to do it in india

me: let us see

4:45 PM Muraleedharan: tata indicome already have something similar but it needs a small gadget to be fixed on to ur laptop

4:46 PM me: ok, any presentations today? or just reading and enjoying?

Muraleedharan: alll presentations over, the rest of the days are mind

4:47 PM mine

that was the condition I put forward--all official work to be over in the first week

so that I am free for two weeks to ransak the library

me: wont you be going to Newyork?

Muraleedharan: not this time

this library is the biggest

4:48 PM especially in postcolonial, southasia, etc

me: so how do you bring material from there? phtocopy? or new methods?

Muraleedharan: no, I am looking mostly at electronic resources

microfilms etc

they can be saved to a pendrive

me: so we can all read what you bring?

4:49 PM Muraleedharan: most of the british govt records on India etc available here easily

me: must be interesting

Muraleedharan: in the kerala archive in tvm, one wil have to struggle to locate the dusty papers

kept in the most abominable way

me: they know how to do things

4:50 PM Muraleedharan: here they are all kpt in microfilm in an a/c room with

many computers to read

me: west is west; truth is truth

Muraleedharan: hmmmmm

me: i understand

your hmmmm

4:51 PM Muraleedharan: I hear that it is raining like mad there

me: yes, true

Muraleedharan: and also, that it is not yet thulavarsham

me: it looks like that

Muraleedharan: so, I come back only to see rains again?

me: thunder and rain in evenings

Muraleedharan: god

me: rains alone

so no pc or tv in the evenings

Muraleedharan: I hope things would be better by early november, when I am back

4:52 PM me: when you are back, things have to be better!!!!

what arrogance?

you think it stops raining for you?

Muraleedharan: I was hoping that I could escape thulavarsham with this trip

me: ok, request granted

Muraleedharan: thanks

4:53 PM me: ha ha

Muraleedharan: by the way, once I am back in Kerala, things would be less hectic

and I am open for that talk in ur colllege

provided u take me for lunch afterwards

me: thanks a lot

but your offer of masala?

Muraleedharan: that could be on the same evening

or another one

me: ok agreed

4:54 PM Muraleedharan: god knows what is happening to my classes

I am supposed to teach both film studies and women's lit

me: we should have a one day business with lots of fun, ok?

forget your kids

they have forgotten you

Muraleedharan: I had given them a pile of notes and asked them to do many assignemnts

me: and started studying themselves

Muraleedharan: hope they are doing it

me: i will see to i


4:55 PM Muraleedharan: ok

but make sure that it is not a tuesday

me: why?

Muraleedharan: that is the day when I screen films

got 3 hrs of work

me: ok

4:56 PM it is a wide choice; any day other than tuesday

no problem

Muraleedharan: yeah

preferably thursday orfirday

when I have work with I semster

and nothing to teach

me: ok,

Muraleedharan: tomjones, switt etc


which I have already completed

me: ha ha hi hi

4:57 PM i am teaching lots this time, even poetry

Muraleedharan: what is there to teach on such topics?

me: nothing

if they read it

a big IF

Muraleedharan: all old lit, the guides and notes are availbel

me: true

Muraleedharan: and they are anyway going to depend on it

so I hate teaching such stuff

me: doubly true

4:58 PM teach only what they cant get from elsewhere

Muraleedharan: yeah

that is what I enjoy

me: same with studetns too

though they wont know it nwo

Muraleedharan: i know

I must go now

4:59 PM check my mail

and then start my day

me: ok, go, with all my love, dear, see you later


Muraleedharan: see u
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